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D​é​jà Moi

by Paska.

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pacing slowly, trying to leave no truthful traces behind I bend my neck to avoid their eyes that tell me: girl, you’re not that kind. the world’s weight upon one little girl’s shoulders, oh but hey, how much can one girl take? I hold my breath to illuminate the priest saying: if any man knows a reason why these two should not be married, may he speak now or forever hold his peace. but of course there is no one, of course there is no one to save me and of course no one speaks up, of course no one speaks up for me and everyone holds their peace oh the aisle seems long, oh so long, I wonder how many feet have walked this way I smile ‘cause smiling has always done the job, just like my hands that touch you and now fold to pray for better or for worse we seal the curse, two mouths that speak and a heart that skips a beat a cold bit of silver over my finger and a hot bit of tears over the world! I do what needs to be done, I do what needs to be done today but I hope I will wake up, yes I hope I will wake up some day and hear someone speak up for me
du bringst mir Blumen mit von deiner Lieblingssorte ich sag: dankeschön, ist lieb von dir es applaudiert in dir du schaust mich an und siehst mich nicht ich hör dir zu doch höre nichts ich bin kirschblütentaub du hüllst mich ein in dich kirschblütentaub hoch oben im Kokon für dich pro Tag ein Fest ein Flügelschlag pro Nacht blindlings und –rechts mach ich mich anschmiegsam hab noch nie geschlafen ich singe und tanze und dreh mich für dich doch mich dabei nur im Kreis ich bin..
Don't Know 06:08
I don’t know what to do, don’t know what to say I don’t know what I want don’t know what to pray for I don’t know what to look at or where to turn to I don’t know where we come from or where we go the only thing I know is I adore you the only thing I care for right now is peace here we go again staring at the table… here we go again with promises and maybes… if we could only find the exit signs and disembark if we could only be finally free no more tears and shards
I make a statement and you look at me in disbelieve – what, did I say something wrong? you go: "oh my god, tell me are you me? you always say what I think! we are soul mates made from the same soul must have met in a former life girl, you and I are the perfect combination because you’re a witch, and I am a weirdo, seems like we were born to be together I think I’m gonna marry you in two or three years“ – and I heard your spoken words I heard them oh so loud but promises like this should better not be allowed ‘cause in the freaking end everything turns out differently 'cause some things are not meant to be and among those things is you being with me some things are not to come true and among those things is me being with you
Statue You 05:34
you’re staring at the stage spreading a sense of concentration and I am jumping around you in circles trying to somehow catch your attention but you don’t do the slightest move and I won't get by with just watching you then suddenly you turn to me oh god, I think you’re the most beautiful person I've ever seen I know it sound pathetic, way to poetic, but I cannot help it – that is just the way I feel and then you do this thing with your lips, you make me tip and make me say: come home with me! I fell in love with your statue you! late night car ride, your hand making friends with my thigh rising to the 18th floor where you would take me high is this some kind of light I see or just an ordinary sunrise I never wanna go to sleep, never wanna close my eyes but who are you, yeah who are you? I really try to see through to you I fell in love...
D' Tür 06:13
eimol isch ebe nit kei mol vor allem wenn eimol so eimolig isch gsi
Lucky One 04:45
You’re the lucky one who made it always right on time You’re the lying one who said that one day he’d be mine I’m the stupid one to believe you and save you from your tears It’s not like you have ever cried before it's just what most men fear Over and over I tell myself this has to come to an end But then again I just can’t help it I need you as my special friend You say that you’re glad I’m here and that you couldn’t do without It’s not like we have met before but still You leave no doubt - but the difference is: I… I love you I unfortunately do! Promises are always vague and you put nothing major at stake Nevertheless I back you up you're the last one I’d ever forsake Your bones are soft, your skin is rough you transparently smile at me I’m not sure, I'm just not sure of what I sense and see Meet me, meet me, come to the surface prove that you exist I’m so goddamn afraid there’s nothing to be proven but still I cannott resist To create more and more and more of you on the easel in my mind I set you up as king, as god, as the best of all mankind - but the difference is: I… I love you I unfortunately do!
Anna G. 03:49
Mängisch gits gar nüt me z’säge, buechstabeläär Mängisch gits gar nüt me z’ wöuä, es verliert wär begährt S’ isch äbe-n-e Mönsch uf Ärde, wo niemrts wott binem sie Dört äne am Bärgli isch d’ Wäut verbi Uuu... Mängisch gits gar nüt me z’gseh, tränetroch Und immer gits irgendwo na me, oder öbbe doch nit Sie hei es Zündhöuzli azündt, liechterloh Roti Rösli im Garte, abr dr nächscht Winter chunt sowieso Uuu...
Warte 06:27
I ma scho lang nüm warte aber du losch mer jo kä Wahl I müsst doch scho lang dra cho aber jetzt sich au egal Du hesch z’ weni vo däm woni gärn hätt vo dir Und i bi z’weni vo däm woni gärn wär für di Drum lo.. lo mi… lo mi los! I ma scho lang nüm warte aber i loss mer jo kä Wahl I müsst doch scho lang use aber i bi mir z’ egal Mir si z’ viel äbä z’ viel zum nüt sie Aber mir sie z’ wenig äbä z’ wenig zum öbis - sie Drum lo.. lo mi… lo mi go…. I ma scho lang nüm warte aber du losch mer jo kä Wahl
these children playing in the yard with me their light behaving makes me see what I will have to let go of when I grow old that is why I’m never gonna do what I’m told! my parents tell me: dress up nicely like that people will take you seriously but I like my slacks way too much that’s why I’m always gonna be wearing such! my teachers always pointed out the good in me they said: girl you could really be something if you didn't talk constantly but hey, chatting is exactly what makes me me! I know I drive the old folks mad when I am on the pavement with my bike – but common, I’m not gonna hurt anyone mais le trottoir is just way more fun! I’m never gonna grow up and old never gonna do what I’m told never ever gonna say no thing that I don’t really mean! I’m never gonna grow up and old never gonna do what I’m told I will never hush, I will never hold back of what I’ve got to say! never gonna grow up and old what I’m told.. I will never say no thing that I don’t really mean! „Pascale, tu es vraiment une superbe fille, mais il faut que tu fasse quelque chose avec ta vie“ Merci beaucoup pour cet information Mais quesque vous voulez de moi? Une transformation? I don’t know what it is, I just don’t like to lie instead I blurt everything out quite loud my friend calls it „la maladresse” mais moi je l’appelle simplement la „Pascalesse“ I remember my granddad being so happy when I used to play the violin, on his birthday or on Christmas or maybe even in his dreams and believe me it’s not like I ain’t diggin’ that thing – I mean, it’s a real nice violin but my family was maybe hoping it could be something for the future, like, I could become a violin tutor with a job and a steady income so that my lifestyle wouldn’t cause them insomnia but one thing has never been said out loud maybe today is the day where I tell the crowd: why would I wanna study classical, if instead I can go shoobidoobidee…. I’m never gonna grow up and old...


released November 9, 2018

Paska. Pascale Pfeuti:
vocals, guitar, violin, mandola

Matthieu Pérot: trombone
Moritz Land: guitar, mandola, vocals track 3
Georg Kostron: bass, mandola
Eike Kleine: drums track 6

all music written by Paska. Pascale Pfeuti

Steffen Köhler: mixing, producing
Christian Bader: mastering P4 Studio, Berlin
Danielle Rosales: photos, design


all rights reserved



Paska. St. Gallen, Switzerland

Paska. is a Swiss singer & actress based in Berlin/Switzerland. The many years of musical voyages have led to the release of Déjà Moi in 2018.
Paska. aka Pascale Pfeuti is currently a member of the acting company at Theater St. Gallen, Switzerland.
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